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Having your vehicle maintenance completed at Fast Track does not void dealer warranty.

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Fast Track Quick Lube offers the following services in addition to our Deluxe Oil Change.
New York State Inspection
Transmission Service
Radiator Service
Wynns Professional Power Steering Service
Wynns Fuel System Tune Up
Tire Rotation
Cabin Air Filter Service
Engine Flush Service
Differential/Transfer Case Service (4x4 Service)
Fuel Filter Replacement
Serpentine Belt

New York State Inspection
As with all our services, New York State Inspections are available seven days a week, open to close and no appointment is necessary.

Transmission Service** 
What we do:
• Flush transmission lines and torque converter
• Remove all old transmission fluid
• Replace with high quality premium transmission fluid which meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications
• Dispose of old fluid in an environmentally safe fashion
Why we do it:
Over time transmission fluid breaks down, reducing its protective properties. Hesitation and irregular shifting can result. Regular replacement can extend transmission life and help reduce costly repairs.
Service time: approx. 15-20 minutes

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Radiator Service
What we do :
• Inspect radiator for signs of cracks or leaks
• Inspect radiator hoses for signs of cracks or leaks
• Flush radiator, hoses and engine block to remove all old fluid
• Replace old fluid with high quality radiator fluid that meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications
• Dispose of old fluid in an environmentally safe fashion
Why we do it :
Over time radiator fluid breaks down, reducing
its protective properties. This can cause the engine to run at a higher temperature and lead to overheating problems. Regular replacement can extend radiator and engine life and help reduce costly repairs.
Service time: approx. 15-20 minutes

Wynns Professional Power Steering Service
What we do:
• Remove old fluid from the reservoir
• Vacuum flush the entire system
• Loosen and remove system sludge and contaminants
• Refill with high quality power steering fluid that meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications
• Dispose of old fluid in an environmentally safe fashion
Why we do it:
Neglected power steering fluid can:
• Cause noise
• Increase steering effort
• Reduce steering effectiveness
• Harden seals
• Cause leakage
• Lead to costly repairs of power steering components

Proper maintenance will extend life of the system. Our trained technicians will advise you on the Wynns recommended interval for this service which is typically every 30,000 miles.
Service time: approx. 5-8 minutes

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Wynn’s  Fuel System Tune-Up**
What we do:
• Clean the entire fuel system (fuel lines, fuel injectors, intake valve, combustion chambers, and throttle plate) of deposits
• This will restore the fuel system to its original design for easy starting, smooth idling and increased power
Why we do it:
• Routine fuel maintenance helps avoid expensive repairs.

Harmful deposits can cause:
• Difficulty starting
• Stalling
• Rough idling
• Hesitation
• Knocking
• Loss of power
• Poor fuel economy
• Increased emissions
• Loss of performance

By maintaining your fuel system at the proper intervals (which Wynns recommends once a year or every 15,000 miles) you will experience
• Maximum performance
• Smooth idling
• Maximum fuel economy
Service time: approx. 15-20 minutes

Tire Rotation**
What we do :
• Remove and inspect all lug nuts
• Inspect all studs for proper threads
• Remove all four tires
• Rotate tires based on make of vehicle (ie: 4- or 2-wd)
• Adjust tire pressure to manufacturer specifications
Why we do it :
As your vehicles tires begin to wear, it can cause
• Premature wear and replacement
• Decreased vehicle performance
• Decreased fuel economy

A good rule of thumb is every other oil change or 6 months or 6,000 miles.
Service time: approx. 5-10 minutes

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Cabin Air Filter Service
What we do:
• Remove cabin air filter from vehicle
• Inspect housing
• Clear and clean any debris
• Reinstall old filter or replace with new high quality filter
Why we do it :
Pollen, dust, dirt and other airborne allergens flow through your air intake system. Harmful airborne contaminants and viruses are filtered out by the cabin air filter. Replacing this filter can help you to breathe easy again.

We will locate your vehicle’s cabin air filter and advise you on its condition.
Service time: approx. 2-5 minutes

Engine Flush Service
What we do :
• Drain old oil and remove old filter
• Install oil plug and new filter
• Pour one gallon engine flush in crankcrase
• Run vehicle for 5 to 7 minutes
• Redrain vehicle, remove filter
• Reinstall oil plug and filter
• Refill vehicle to proper capacity with high quality Castrol GTX motor oil
Recommended on three conditions.
1. If you have just purchased the vehicle and are unaware of its maintaince history
2. If you are severely overdue on your oil change
3. If our technicians notice any unusual condition, such as sludge or carbon build up in the crankcase
Why we do it :
• Sludge and carbon build up can severely damage the engine
• This can lead to costly repairs
• This product will thoroughly clean out internal components important to the performance and life of your engine
Service time: 10-15 minutes (including oil change)

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Differential/Transfer Case Service (4x4 Service)
What we do :
• Remove gearbox
• Inspect plug for proper threads
• Remove old gear oil
• Replace with high quality gear oil that meets or exceeds manufacturer's specifications
• Dispose of old fluid in an environmentally safe fashion
Why we do it :
Over time the gear oil in your gearbox breaks down. We will check and top off gearboxes if needed. We will inform you of your owner's manual service intervals for this very important service.
Proper Maintainence will
• Extend axle life
• Restore maximum vehicle performance
• Avoid costly repairs
Service time: approx. 5-10 minutes

Fuel Filter Replacement**
What we do :
• Inspect fuel lines for leaks or excessive rust
• Remove old filter
• Replace with high quality fuel filter
• Prime vehicle to ensure smooth starts
Why we do it:
Harmful deposits enter your fuel system and build up in your fuel filter, lines and throughout your fuel system, which can:
• Decrease performance and pick up
• Cause hesitation
• In extreme cases, can cause fuel pump failure
• Can cause very costly repairs

Having this service performed at proper intervals will maximize vehicle performance and fuel economy.

A good rule of thumb in most vehicles is every 15,000 to 18,000 miles
Service time: approx. 5-10 minutes

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Serpentine Belt
What we do :
• Inspect belt for excessive frays or cracks
• Remove old belt
• Install with new high quality belt that is proper application as per manufacturer's specifications
• Dispose of old belt
• Do a quick system check to ensure proper replacement
Why we do it :
Over time the serpentine belt will wear. It typically runs all major components of your vehicle. When it stops running, so does your vehicle

Most owners manuals suggest to inspect your belt periodically and replace as needed. Fast Track inspects the condition of the belt as part of our safety check during your oil change service. If excessive wear is noticed you will be advised.
Service time: approx. 5-15 minutes

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Fast Track Deluxe Oil Change
• Up to five quarts deluxe Castrol oil and premium filter
• Lubricate chassis
• Check fluids, belts, lights, wipers, tires
• FREE! vacuum service and windshield wash
• FREE! fluid top offs for 3000 miles
• FREE! coffee and ice water
• SAME LOW PRICE for 4x4/SUVs & skid plates
• FAMILY-FRIENDLY tv & newspaper while-u-wait

Recommended Service Intervals
Our trained technicians will recommend services as per the owner’s manual severe service recommendations, unless otherwise noted.

Improve Fuel Economy
** next to heading denotes that having this service at recommended intervals will improve fuel economy

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